Corporate Communication (Pty) Ltd, offers clients the following integrated strategic communication services – research, strategy and operations:

Communication research – internal and external:

Corporate Communication (Pty) Ltd will assist you in analysing the dynamic situations in which you have to do business and will monitor the changing environment for trends that may impact on your activities.

  • Situation analysis and environmental scans
  • Stakeholder analysis and stakeholder mapping
  • Perception and communication audits
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Planning, strategy and operational implementation of functional management services via project management and budget control:

  • Knowledge management
  • Corporate identity and brand management
  • Stakeholder mobilisation
  • Media management
  • Advertising

Communication operations:

  • Creative conceptualisation, design and artwork
  • Copy writing and editing
  • Production and printing
  • Multimedia and video production

Digital communication:

  • Design and development of dynamic websites
  • Website copy and content
  • Website hosting and management

Event Management:

  • Strategic event management strategies
  • Event branding, theme and structure
  • Creative conceptualisation, design and artwork of all conference material
  • Conference planning
  • Special event management
  • Venue management
  • Exhibition management
  • Online and on-site event registrations